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Location & Address:
Palm Beach Psychology Associates

9970 Central Park Blvd South | Suite 207 Boca Raton, FL 33428 Phone: (561) 245-4622 Fax: (877) 887-3760

At Palm Beach Psychology Associates we strive to help those suffering with psychological and neuropsychological difficulties. Dealing with mental illness can be an extremely frightening process. It is our goal to guide our patients through that process in an understanding and empathetic manner. Psychological and Neuropsychological struggles are not something that one should face alone. We can be reached at (561) 245-4622.

Located in Boca Raton, Florida, Palm Beach Psychology Associates is a leader in psychological and neuropsychological services including:

Palm Beach Psychology Associates in Boca Raton treats a variety of illnesses, ranging from Depression to Alzheimer’s disease to ADHD in the young and the old. Our psychologists and neuropsychologists have evaluated and treated athletes that have suffered from multiple concussions, patients suffering from dementia and children that suffer from autism, depression, learning disabilities and countless other psychological and neurological illnesses.

The doctors at Palm Beach Psychology Associates are industry respected psychologists and neuropsychologists who have dedicated their lives to studying the inner workings of the brain and attending to the minds of children, adults, and the elderly dealing with issues ranging from depression to Alzheimer’s disease to ADHD to autism.

Beyond Individuals

Palm Beach Psychology Associates works with schools, law firms, medical facilities and businesses to alleviate any issues related to mental or brain dilemmas.

As leading Boca Raton psychologists, the doctors at PBPA are dedicated to studying the mind and human behavior. Their practice encompasses such a wide range of specialty areas making them respected Boca Raton psychologists.

Palm Beach Psychology Associates is excited to announce our new collaboration with Neurology Offices of South Florida! We are now working together to provide the best psychological and neurological care possible from a range of different perspectives.